Revd Nigel Deller is the minister for Holtwood as well as for three other churches in our Circuit – so he’s kept pretty busy!  Nigel can be contacted on (01202) 822212 or by email at  His days off are Fridays so, unless something is urgent, please wait until the following day – thank you!

The Church Stewards are a team of 7 church members who do a great deal of prayerful and practical work behind the scenes to keep the machinery of the Church well oiled and to respond to local needs as they arise.  The Lead Steward is Rod Frampton who can be contacted at (01202) 881975 or e-mail

Peter Aston is also a Christian singer/songwriter and Worship Leader.  He helps to lead worship at Holtwood and at other churches and outreach events across the country.  His songs have been played on radio stations and in churches around the world. You can visit Peter’s website by clicking here or Fisherton 2by going to our links in the main menu.

Mary Marsh is our Safeguarding Officer – 07753 632190 or e-mail

John James is our Fire and Safety Officer – (01202) 882876 or e-mail

Jane Livesey is our Treasurer – (01425) 475832 or e-mail

Steph Kirby is our Church Council Secretary – (01202) 880203 or e-mail

Robin Hiscock is the Finance and Property Committee Chair – (01202) 883761 or email